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If Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn are accepting friendship applications, we would like to apply. Hanging out with the supermodel duo seems like it would be nothing but laughs. Laughs, good grub, and maybe even a few tattoos?

For the latest webisode of Well Dunn, Jourdan’s cooking show for Jay Z‘s site Life + Times, she was strolling the streets of New York when she casually ran into her bushy-eyed bestie. Next, we watch as the supermodel duo grabs some grub (this is a show about food, after all) and soon after, they’re getting matching tats by celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang.

In the video up top, Cara tells the tale of the time she asked Jourdan to marry her before she realized they’d have hyphenated last names, both of which start with the letter D. And the rest was history, forever etched into their skin as “Double D” tattoos.


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