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Not that the always brash Donald Trump needed any more enemies, but his latest comments regarding the American aid workers who were flown to Atlanta for treatment after contracting the Ebola virus are angering many and turning a lot of heads.

Trump took to Twitter to express his absolute dissent about having Dr. Kent Brantly flown to the U.S. for treatment. Another American aid worker who was infected with the virus will be flown to Atlanta this week.

His apocalypse-fueled comments, however, echo the sentiments of many Americans who are concerned about the transmission of the hemorrhaging illness:

Meanwhile, doctors say Brantly, 33, seems to be responding to treatment. From Reuters:

Brantly was able to walk, with help, from an ambulance after he was flown on Saturday to Atlanta, where he is being treated by infectious disease specialists at Emory University Hospital.

“It’s encouraging that he seems to be improving – that’s really important – and we’re hoping he’ll continue to improve,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta.

Frieden told CBS’s “Face the Nation” it was too soon to predict whether Brantly would survive, and a hospital spokesman said Emory did not expect to provide any updates on the doctor’s condition on Sunday.

Maybe someone should tell Trump before he goes on another ill-advised Twitter rant.

SOURCE: Reuters, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty