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Songstress Bridget Kelly stopped by the No Judgment Zone to chat with BlogXilla about everything going on behind the scenes during her hiatus.

Kelly even revealed her reason for leaving Roc Nation. She explained:

“It was just a ‘This isn’t working for either one of us.’ It was an amicable split. I love those guys. TyTy’s still my roll dog.”

She even talked about turning in music that Jay Z wasn’t too fond of, adding:

“I would take the music straight to Jay and say, ‘I’m gonna play this for you, the album’s done!’ He’d kinda look at me like, ‘This is the album, you sure you want this to be the album?’ I’d be like, ‘Damn, I guess not.'”

Also, check out the candid interview above to see what Bridget has to say about TV hosting and crying in her web series.


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