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The D in Danity Kane stands for drama. Because that’s all the group seems to bring.

TMZ is reporting that two of the members, Dawn Richard and Aubrey O’Day, got into a major fight in an L.A. studio on Monday. According to TMZ, Dawn punched Aubrey in the face while third member Shannon Bex tried to break up the fight.

The night of the alleged altercation, Aubrey sent out a subtweet towards Dawn:

Aubrey also filed a police report.

Danity Kane has had a history of beefing with each other. The group, which originally contained five members, broke up in 2009. They got back together last year, without member Wanita Woodgett…only for Aundrea Fimbres to drop out, leaving Richard, O’Day, and Bex left.

As if DK’s comeback and alleged brawl wasn’t getting them enough attention, a video surfaced just hours later of Aubrey and Shannon wishing Dawn a happy 31st birthday. According to, Aubrey posted the video, then deleted it.

This leaves people wondering whether or not the video was recorded before the fight, or if the beef is squashed. Will those three even last now?


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