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On Tuesday, the world was introduced to Noah Ritter, aka the Apparently Kid. And our world hasn’t been the same since.

We can’t get enough of the 5-year-old, who stole the show during an interview at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania and misused the word “apparently” more times than the Kardashians say “literally.”

No, literally. And it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen in a while.

Especially this part:

Take a look at Noah’s now viral interview, which is “apparently” the first time he’s ever been on live television. And then, when you think it can’t get any cuter, watch our roundup of kids killing the cute game on the internet.

Yes. You just heard your ovaries say “awww.”

That Time Apparently Kid Let Us Know His Grandpa Loves The Power Ball:

That Time Apparently Kid Wanted To Send A Humongous Salmon To Africa:

And That Time Apparently Kid Was Brainwashed:

But Moving On…This Little Girl Who Isn’t Thrilled About The Circle Of Life:

The Cutest Donut Bandit You’ll Ever See:

This Baby Who Doesn’t Care About Katy Perry’s Irresponsible Cultural Appropriation:

This Little Girl With The Cutest Demand Ever:

These Preschoolers Excited To See Their Classmate Who Returned To School After A Bout With The Flu: 

This Little Guy Who Understands Life:

This Kid Who Was Just Tooooo Ready:

These Kids With The Ideal Response To Mommy Having A Baby:

And This Kid…Who Clearly Isn’t Here For More Sisters:

This Little Guy Comforting His Friend On Her First Day Of School:

This Little Girl Who Knows All Her Social Media Networks:

And Really, Anything CeCe Says:


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