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Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX may have the song of the summer. But the two ladies don’t have the hottest song on Vine (and, trust, considering how big social media is in 2014, it means something).

No, that very unique distinction goes to Riff Raff and his soon to be smash hit “Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz.”

The song is the latest single from his debut album, Neon Icon. And it’s catching major steam, mainly because it’s been one of the most popular Vine songs. We saw this last year with Sage the Gemini’s “Red Nose,” which blew crazy in part because of Vine.

There’s been dozens of “Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz” videos (which Riff Raff usually tweets out, BTW). And not all of them are great. So don’t sludge though all the nonsense; instead look at our ranking of the 23 Best “Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz ” Vines.

23. Is this a coyote or is this Riff Raff’s pooch, Jody Husky?

22. This is just a girl shaking her ass. Not very creative…but it gets the job done.

21. You’ll find out soon how many football Vines fit this song. 

20. Harry Styles has never looked this cool. 

19. This is Riff Raff in 30 years or so. 

18. This Vine works best while high on something…very, very strong. 


16. This Vine is very relatable if you ever rocked a new pair of Js.  

15. Riff Raff is worldwide, bro. 

14. A Primetime Vine from the one and only Deion “Primetime” Sanders. 

13. This kid is such a natural, Jawwdin should cut him a check. 

12. This horse got style and grace. 

11. Bruh…this is mesmerizing. 

10. This is way better than the original theme song. 

9. How wasn’t Urkel able to pull Laura? His moves were so smooth. 

8. James Brown is a Bad Mutha…

7. Look at the Southern boy come out of Peyton Manning… 

6. Teletubbies were always known for COOKIN’ on the dance floor. 

5. The Jawwdinz lizard >>> the Geico Lizard

4. You’ll always get extra points for having CGI in your Vine. 

3. Kids in their Js do the darndest thangs. 

2. This has become the most common Jawwdinz Vine. And it actually really is genius. 

1. This is the greatest Jawwdinz Vine. EVER. Not even close. Look at how focused this kid is.


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