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A 12-year-old boy has been charged with murder after he randomly selected a 9-year-old in western Michigan to stab to death. Authorities say that the 12-year-old told them that he had been planning to murder someone for a year, and that he wanted to go to jail for his crime. He also told them he’s “bad and always does stupid things.” The boy also said that he wanted to die and “take somebody with him,” so he swallowed some pink pills from his home before committing the stabbing. [Daily Mail]

A full homicide investigation is being conducted over the death of former Reagan Press Secretary James Brady, who died earlier this week 33 years after he was shot. After the shooting, Reagan was seriously wounded, and it ended up leaving Brady paralyzed. So far, three agencies are conducting an investigation. [TMZ]

Mixed martial artist “War Machine” has become the prime suspect in a case concerning his porn star girlfriend Christy Mack, as she was hospitalized after a severe beating. The fight, which occurred at their home, involved 3 people, with one of them listed as Machine’s “significant other,” but the name hasn’t been officially released. [TMZ]

A mother from Houston is being charged with endangering a child after she locked her 6-year-old daughter out of her apartment, so that she could have sex with her boyfriend. The little girl was found trying to cross the busy intersection of the Sam Houston Parkway at Vickery Drive, and stopped by a local gas station 6 times. She also didn’t go to school because her mother was “asleep with a boy,” and told her to go outside and play. [KHOU]

The American patient who contracted the Ebola virus while working for the U.S. aid group, Samaritan’s Purse, at a hospital in Liberia is finally speaking out. The North Carolina native released a statement from his Atlanta isolation unit, where he revealed he is “growing stronger every day.” He also thanked those who are praying for his recovery, as he is currently being treated with an experimental serum. [Mashable]

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