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As we already know, Iggy is always doing it biggy.

But in the latest episode of MTV’s House Of Style, we get to go behind the scenes of the new Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora video “Black Widow” and get an inside scoop on the Kill Bill-esque costumes they wore, the fight scenes they perfected, and their moms’ real-life friendship.

Despite what we all were thinking, Iggy and Rita didn’t only wear those skin-tight jumpsuits to look smoking hot. And although the video catches Rita admiring how sexy she looks, Iggy lets us know that they were actually wearing these particular costumes to make it look like they were from the same Kung-Fu training school.

Iggy’s costume designer Marco Marco also makes an appearance and Iggy’s stylist, Alejandra Hernandez, tells us that she’s the one who ensures Iggy looks “the bomb.”

And although we might have chosen, well, any phrase other than “the bomb,” to help describe how dope this video is, T.I., aka Grand Hustle CEO, says it best:

“It’s gon’ be an extremely extravagant, meticulous video of, I think, Samurai swords, you know, ninjas, and flying women here and there.”

Check out House of Style episode 2 above.

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