House of Style

So fancy. Ever since the ’70s when silhouettes of Clyde Frazier and Allen Iverson started the single sleeve trend, stylish NBA players have become nothing out of the ordinary. But today’s generation of hoop stars are special in that they are taking their point of fashion much further than the court. Of course, signing deals with major sneaker […]

As we already know, Iggy is always doing it biggy. But in the latest episode of MTV’s House Of Style, we get to go behind the scenes of the new Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora video “Black Widow” and get an inside scoop on the Kill Bill-esque costumes they wore, the fight scenes they perfected, and their moms’ real-life friendship. […]

Never mind lines from her hit single, because Iggy Azalea actually gets fancy on House of Style. It was recently revealed that Iggy would be the new host of MTV’s born-again show, and now the first episode is finally here. The new season starts things off with a bang, introducing the great designer Jeremy Scott as its […]

Her outfit. It merk bitches. Since early on in her career, Iggy Azalea has been embraced by the fashion world. Alexander Wang hired her to perform at the Coachella bash celebrating his upcoming collaboration with H&M, while Steve Madden threw a private concert in Brooklyn to celebrate her album release. She’s a front row fixture for Fashion Week, and […]