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So fancy.

Ever since the ’70s when silhouettes of Clyde Frazier and Allen Iverson started the single sleeve trend, stylish NBA players have become nothing out of the ordinary. But today’s generation of hoop stars are special in that they are taking their point of fashion much further than the court.

Of course, signing deals with major sneaker brands like Adidas and Nike are still common of your current NBA player, but nowadays, thanks to talented stylists and a general shift in attitudes, basketball’s most talented are also being looked at as legitimate fashion power houses, as they add deals with Barney’s New York and Del Toro to the collab roster.

On this week’s episode of MTV’s House Of Style, host Iggy Azalea interviewed Dennis Rodman and took a closer look at the growing relationship between basketball and fashion.

Iggy and Dennis discuss how he has affected the younger generations of players by encouraging them to always step outside of their comfort zones. And although no one else has worn a wedding dress or pink feather boa since Dennis (nor probably ever will), he’s helped open doors for a lot of young people. We also were able to follow Iggy’s boo and bonafide NBA style star Nick Young as he gets ready for the red carpet.

All of this and then an added bonus, as House Of Style Correspondent Rita Ora walks us through her Adidas collab.


Iggy Azalea, T.I., Nick Young, & More Celebrate “The New Classic” (PHOTOS)
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