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A vigilante group in Nigeria told reporters Thursday that Boko Haram kidnapped around 100 boys and men from a remote town in northeastern Nigeria on August 10th. Boko Haram attacked the town of Doron Baga in Nigeria’s Borno state on Sunday, killing 10 people and kidnapping dozens more. Hassan Ibrahim, a member of the local Nigerian vigilante group, fears that Boko Haram will forcibly recruit men and boys to join their insurgency against the Nigerian state. Human Rights Watch has reported that in the first half of 2014, the extremist Islamic group has killed over 2,000 people. [Buzzfeed]

A grandmother from South Jordan, UT remains in critical condition after drinking tea that was laced with lye. Last Sunday, Jan Harding and her husband stopped in at a Dickey’s Barbecue Pit to grab a bite and some sweet tea. When Harding filled her cup up at the self-serve station and took a sip of her drink she immediately spit it out, telling her husband, “I think I just drank acid.” Come to find out, a store employee had confused the deadly cleaning chemical for sugar, and mixed six cups of the powdered lye into the tea. Harding’s condition has not improved since she was taken to the hospital Sunday, and she is unable to speak. [Gawker

It’s cats gone wild! Another family was held hostage by their furry friend of 14 years earlier this week. Cuppy the cat of Chula Vista, CA would not let the homeowner and her daughter exit the room. Every time they tried, Cuppy would go into a rage. Fearing for their safety, the homeowner and daughter called police to help with the situation, which ended with the cat walking out of the room on its own. We think it’s safe to say Cuppy’s days in that home might be coming to an end very soon. [Gawker]

A California man has been ordered to serve 6 months in jail after stealing parts from the car wreckage after Paul Walker’s death. Jameson Witty, along with another man, took plea bargains for their unconscionable crime. Witty’s 25-year-old accomplice, who is from out of state, is expected to be handed some jail time as well when his sentencing takes place in October. [TMZ]

A 24-year-old porn star named Babsi was arrested after filming at least two sexually explicit videos in a Catholic church located in Hoersching, Austria — yeah, that happened. The unholy act was caught by a churchgoer, who saw the video playing on the local news and recognized the interior of the building, then notified a priest. Local Catholics debated whether the church needed to be reconsecrated, but ultimately decided against it. [Gawker