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Another man has reportedly been defeated by police brutality, as Omar Abrego was allegedly beat down by LAPD sergeants just a week before the fatal shooting of Ezell Ford.

According to KTLA, an LAPD spokesman said an officer broke his hand during the incident, which also occurred just 4 blocks from where Ford was shot.

Abrego, a 37-year-old father of three children, was driving home in an Amtrak truck on August 2nd and was pulled over by police right in front of his house.

According to LAPD officials, he was “driving erratically, speeding and had almost hit a pedestrian,” and allegedly kept going when they attempted to pull him over.

Once the officers caught up to him, that was when the altercation happened, with a witness telling KTLA:

“They were beating him real bad, and he died of the wounds,”

“I witnessed the officer, the sergeant for LAPD, strike the individual twice in the face with his fist. Then officers arrived on the scene,” the witness said. “I saw a lot of blood on the suspect’s face.”

Other witnesses say that the officer beat Abrego down with a baton and punched him for 10 minutes. He was pronounced dead about 12 hours after the altercation.

We are praying for Abrego’s family.


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