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After a stabbing on the 6 train last night at Grand Central Terminal on 42nd St., three men have been hospitalized from the incident, which occurred around midnight last night.

According to the NY Daily News, Ivan Deleon, who was intoxicated, pulled out a knife on the men after a scuffle, where he stabbed one in the arm, another in the chest, and the other in the stomach.

The site reports:

Deleon then threatened, “Get the f— out of the way or I’ll kill your kids,” Matthews said.

That sparked an argument and then a brawl between Deleon and the complainant in the case, his brother and his friend, Matthews and police say.

During the fray, the Queens resident pulled out a folding knife and lunged at the men, who were not named, stabbing one in the stomach.

“The defendant is involved in viciously stabbing three victims in close proximity,” Matthews said.

Horrified witnesses alerted nearby transit cops, who arrested Deleon without incident.

1010 WINS was on the scene of the crime, and asked some commuters of NYC to share their thoughts on the case, with some not even being bothered by it as others showed fear.

One revealed to the site:

“It’s a city of 8 million people, you’re always gonna have events like that,” said Greg. “It just can’t be avoided with that many people. I think the subways are safe and I think they run well.”

We pray for the men who were injured, and hope everyone stays safe on the subways.