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A young woman who moved to Ferguson, Missouri’s Canfield Apartments less than a month ago appeared on CNN’s New Day to describe what she witnessed the day Michael Brown was fatally shot by Officer Darren Wilson.

Piaget Crenshaw, who was getting ready for work, was sitting in her home when she heard the scuffle outside her window. She captured the aftermath of the shooting on her cell phone.

“From it all initially happening, I knew this was not right,” she told CNN’s “New Day” on Monday.

“I knew the police shouldn’t even have been chasing this young boy and firing at the same time. The fact that he got shot in the face, it was something that clicked in me, like no, somebody else needs to see this. This isn’t right. I’ve got to record.”

Crenshaw said Brown was running away from police and then turned around. She said that was when Brown was shot.

An autopsy performed by Dr. Michael Baden revealed Wilson fired into the front of the teenager, striking him six times — two bullets in his head and four in his arm.

Police, however, have maintained that Brown struggled with Wilson, reaching for the officer’s gun before the shooting occurred. The Justice Department will perform another autopsy on Brown’s body, as requested by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

You can watch a portion of Crenshaw’s video above. We warn you, the content may be disturbing for some.


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