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Ever since French Montana was spotted out and about with Khloe Kardashian back in April, people wanted to know if this was the real deal.

The Coke Boys CEO and the reality star hadn’t spoken much about their love affair until their infamous interview on Power 105.1 with Angie Martinez a few months back, but now French is opening up about his relationship with KhloMoney yet again.

After his recent interview with Billboard, Khloe’s fans were concerned that French was using her for fame. The Bronx rapper cleared up the rumors with US Magazine saying:

“I was so mad about that. If I’m with somebody, I’m not with them for that reason.”

He also dished about his love/hate relationship with reality TV:

“I hate being on camera … Sometimes you’re not ready for it and it’s too much pressure, but I [also] love it. But I hate how it happened… all the commotion.”

But would he make more appearances on his girl’s show Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

“[Khloe] supports me with everything I do. When it comes to her career, I don’t think about it. If she needs me to do something, I do it.”

French also opened up about being shot back in 2003. He credits that experience to always keeping him focused on his next move.

“After you go through something like that, you ain’t making no mistakes. You calculate every move you do. I just feel like it was karma. When you do negative stuff in your life, it always comes back to you. I feel like that’s what it was.”

In the words of French Montana, “Don’t Panic,” Khloe fans.

SOURCE: US Weekly | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Instagram

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