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A disturbing video of a St. Paul, Minn. father being tased and arrested in January after refusing to give his name has emerged, shedding even more light on the abuse of police power against black citizens.

The man, identified as 27-year-old Chris Lollie, was waiting in a public seating area to pick his children up from school. While walking through the First National Bank Building Skyway, Lollie is approached by a female officer who demands to know his name.

“So what’s your business with me right now? There’s no problem, that’s the thing,” Lollie said. “Why do I have to let you know who I am? I know my rights, first off. Secondly, I don’t have to let you know who I am if I haven’t broken any laws.”

Lollie also tells the officer that he understands what the problem is — he’s black.

A second officer approaches Lollie as they walk towards the school. The officer, who is identified in the video as “Schmidt” after Lollie asks his name, grabs the father. In the video, you can hear him screaming for help while telling the officers that he just wants to pick up his kids.

Officer Schmidt can be heard in the background yelling at Lollie to cooperate. Shortly after the yelling, the sound of a Taser can be heard.

“I didn’t do anything wrong…I don’t have any weapons. You’re the ones with the weapons here.”

According to CityPages, Lollie was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process.

Squad 524, M. Johnson/ 526, B. Schmidt were called to the First National Bank Building (332 Minnesota) on a report of uncooperative male refusing to leave. Officers later made contact with this male… who refused to cooperate and would not give his name. He was later arrested for Trespassing, Disorderly Conduct, and Obstructing Legal Process (Citation #620900211109).

The man was charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, and obstructing the legal process.

The charges against Lollie were later dropped.

On Twitter, the St. Paul PD’s public information officers said no formal complaint has been filed in connection with the incident.

Watch the video above.


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