Jennifer Lawrence might have an issue trying to fight for the removal of her stolen nude images off the internet.

You see, when it comes to the non-nude selfies, J.Law may not own the copyright. According to copyright laws, the actual owner is whoever took the picture. A few porn sites know that law, and they’re telling Jenn she needs more people to prove she actually owns the stolen photos.

TMZ reports:

Lawrence’s attorney fired off a letter to a porn website demanding it take down the nude photos of J-Law because she owns the copyright on the pics. We’re told the website isn’t buying that argument though.

The site’s stance is … since some of the pics are NOT selfies, the person who actually took those photos would most likely hold the copyright. In its response to Lawrence’s attorney … we’re told the site is demanding proof of Jennifer’s copyright, or the name of the person who snapped the shots.

Jennifer and her legal team are in for a serious fight – and this could also pose a problem for the other hacked celebs seeking to remove their stolen photos.

Stay tuned.


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