We felt @no_talent_shan’s tweet in our soul and so did most of Twitter: Any takers? Hit the flip to see just how serious @no_talent_shan is about getting her loans paid off.

Kylie's big brother Rob gave her phone number out to the whole wide world in the middle of a Twitter tantrum.

It looks like Katy Perry‘s Twitter account may have been hacked, and the person responsible made sure they got their credit. Some pretty crazy tweets were going out from the singer’s timeline on Monday, including messages like “otf gang nigga!” and a “miss u baby” tweet to Taylor Swift. The person behind it appears to be someone with […]

Despite the fact that she’s pretty used to the public seeing racy pictures of her, Rihanna probably isn’t too happy that her private nude photos have reportedly leaked to the web. According to TMZ, naked pictures of the 26-year-old Bajan beauty have hit the ‘net, as she’s just been added to the long list of other […]

Jennifer Lawrence might have an issue trying to fight for the removal of her stolen nude images off the internet. You see, when it comes to the non-nude selfies, J.Law may not own the copyright. According to copyright laws, the actual owner is whoever took the picture. A few porn sites know that law, and they’re telling […]

UPDATE 4:00 PM EST Apple has released a statement confirming that iCloud was not breached in the celebrity photo hack. “We wanted to provide an update to our investigation into the theft of photos of certain celebrities. When we learned of the theft, we were outraged and immediately mobilized Apple’s engineers to discover the source. […]

Kris Jenner‘s Instagram was hacked yesterday, and it was nothing short of hilarious. The posts, which were quickly deleted, called out Kanye West and French Montana, explaining that Kim and Khloé are only dating the rappers to increase their own fame. Sounds like a smart move on the infamous momager’s part. The deleted post read: […]

Just shy of 4 days since Apple’s official release of their iPhone 5s, a German group of hackers have already claimed to have hacked the operating system’s “impenetrable” fingerprint technology. Sure, the phone has been hacked, unlocked and a number of other things, but if the fingerprint hack proves to be true, it can cause […]