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This week was filled with scandal, as private nude photos of female celebrities were released onto the internet. Now, Jill Scott has joined the long list of hacking victims.

The singer, who wasn’t named in the initial list by hackers who released photos of Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence, spoke on her alleged nude selfie that was released Wednesday night. Scott acknowledged that the photo of a woman in a robe was indeed her, but denied ownership of the other nude photo.

The star took to Twitter this morning to release the following statement:

She also dropped a little knowledge on self-worth and perseverance:

As photos of Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lea Michele continue to circulate online, the FBI believes that phishing might be the reason for the leak.

According to TMZ, police officials claim that Apple was used as bait in the scheme, with hackers allegedly pretending to represent the company to lure the victims into releasing their private information like passwords and credit card information.

We’re told in this case … the email sent to the celebs might have been doctored up to look like it was coming from Apple. Phishing’s been going on since the early days of the Internet, but scammers are so sophisticated now … their emails look identical to the real deal.

J-Law and Kate’s pics — some with her BF pitcher Justin Verlander — were among the first ones released Sunday by the hacker.

Other celebs have stood with the victims, including Rashida Jones and Emma Watson

Apple has also promised to look into the hackings.