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Sisqo got the ‘net going up…on a Thursday.

After Sisqo and Kyle from Jagged Edge’s hilarious fight found its way onto the internet earlier this week, we decided to dedicate this week’s #ThrowbackThursday to the king of dragons – Sisqo.

The ’90s crooner burst onto the music scene in the mid-nineties as the lead singer of the Baltimore-based R&B group Dru Hill. Eventually, Sisqo went solo, professed his love for thong underwear, and unleashed his dragon, the dragon, and Puff the Magic Dragon.

Most notably known for his metallic colored hair, no hand cartwheels, outrageous leather outfits, and navel sun tattoo, Sisqo was definitely an entertainer we loved to see out and about.

So in honor of his outlandish innovations, check out the crazy gallery of Sisqo down under.


Throwback Pictures Of R&B Singer Sisqo (PHOTOS)
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