Fans had a field day discussing which of the two singers was more of a menace. Click inside to check out some of their funniest and most outlandish moments.

A clip from VICE's The Story of series is circling the Internet from their seventh episode The Story of "Thong Song" by Sisqó. The 18 minute video details how one of the biggest smash hits during that time came to fruition.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Sisqo, but today marks the “Thong Song” singer’s 39th birthday, which makes us wonder “what happened to Sisqo?” The Dru Hill frontman was on top of the world for most of the 90’s and parlayed most of that success into his solo career in the early 2000’s. […]

Sisqo is back to the music and bringing the ’99 to the ’17. The former Dru Hill  frontman released an official 2017 update of 1999 hit single “Thong Song.” This time around, Sisqo got the help of Norwegian production trio Jcy to turn the classic track into a contemporary banger. He told Buzzfeed about the […]

It’s been 18 years since Sisqo‘s hit “Thong Song” dominated the airwaves — but the singer recently revamped his classic track all for LeBron James. TMZ reports that the singer was approached by Colin Cowherd from FS1’s “The Herd” about remaking his 2000 classic in support of LBJ for MVP. Sisqo obliged at first, it […]

If you attended New York Fashion Week this year, you might have freaked out when you saw Sisqó, singer of the once ubiquitous “Thong Song.” However, you probably acknowledged the wrong guy. According to TMZ, an imposter posing as Sisqó was spotted around New York Fashion week, enjoying all the perks of a celebrity. He even received front […]

DJ Khaled has new music for you to tune in to. As gamers get hooked on NBA 2k16 this weekend, they’ll learn the game’s official soundtrack was organized by three DJs, one of which includes Khaled. Listen to his exclusive 2k16 “365” track here – it features Ace Hood, Kent Jones, and Vado. [Miss Info] […]

Do you remember wearing color lens sunshades, oversized white t-shirts, asymmetrical skirts, and pointy-toed boots? Yeah, how could you forget. It’s Friday, so you know what that means. We’re taking you back, actually way way back, to the year 2005 – when being fabulous and tacky was hotter than a shot of Cuervo and KimYe weren’t even friends yet. […]