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If you attended New York Fashion Week this year, you might have freaked out when you saw Sisqó, singer of the once ubiquitous “Thong Song.” However, you probably acknowledged the wrong guy.

According to TMZan imposter posing as Sisqó was spotted around New York Fashion week, enjoying all the perks of a celebrity. He even received front row seats to huge events like Kanye West’s fashion show.

When news of the incident hit Sisqó, he originally laughed at the shenanigan. But when the guy, reportedly Gavin Barnes, started putting people’s jobs on the line as Sisqó, things got serious. Sisqó explains in the video below:

Getting a young girl’s hopes up over a bar mitzvah performance that most likely won’t happen? An absolute no-no.

Barnes probably wasn’t prepared for legal action from the Dru Hill leadman, but it looks like he better get his lawyers ready. This could get messy.