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If it’s your birthday, make some noise!

Today is Wiz Khalifa’s 27th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to highlight his infectious laugh?

Wiz is probably somewhere guzzling a bottle of Bombay Gin and motor-boating his wife Amber Rose right now, and we wish we were with him, but unfortunately, all we have is an article full of funny gifs.

So here’s a HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish in all CAPS. Shot it up for us Wiz, and don’t barf!

So as you enjoy the giggly gifs of Wiz below, turn on this loop of his hilarious laugh.


 Tongue out giggle. 

Night At The Roxbury Giggle. 

Stoner’s Giggle. 

Peace & Giggles.

Who Knows What Wiz Is Laughing About? 

All Smiles. 

High As A Kite.

The Wiz Jig. 

That Moment When You Try To Be Serious & Hold Your Laugh In.


PHOTO CREDIT: GifSoup, Giphy

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