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If you’ve never attended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, allow me to tell you how it goes: It’s basically a big game of hurry-up-and-wait, and once a show starts, models walk the runway ever so gracefully, stoically, before they typically march together single-file, to give you one last look at the line. But, the Libertine show, well, it was anything but typical if you couldn’t already tell.

Because there’s nothing humdrum about models running, jumping, cheering down the runway, turning their cell phone cameras not only on themselves to capture a selfie or two, but on the invitees for a change.

Seeing as how the name of the brand itself can be defined as a person who is the epitome of young, wild and free, it was perfectly fitting to see such a fun finale, a raving good time filled with fashions that were just as careless when it comes to your typical spring/summer collections.

Trends Spotted: This spring’s going to be a real rager. Along with all the crazy colors and fun fuzz balls came rave-inspired pieces such as “kandi” necklaces and other DIY accessories decked out in beads. We saw the same at Jeremy Scott’s show, so be prepared to get pumped up to party.

My Rating: The fun factor was exactly what I, and I’m sure everyone else in attendance, needed after a long day of milling about from show to show, running on fumes from lack of sleep. Were the clothes a little out there? Sure, but they were certainly appreciated for being anything but a bore.

My Favorite Look: Perhaps the most wearable look from the collection (unless you’re someone like Anna Dello Russo), the black-and-white, mod ensemble consisting of a spotted coat and pants and shirt to match. And, also, the “Golden Boy” crewneck paired with men’s short-shorts Childish Gambino would approve of.


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