Head inside to see what viewers are saying about the new Netflix film so far.

@VibeHi, a proud Hotep with conservative values, sees the good in Cardi’s “ratchet” and “real” energy.

If you haven't come across Ryan's reviews yet, you might want to check him out before you do your Christmas shopping.


SZA’s CRTL was one of the most highly-anticipated albums to drop this summer. But the rollout for it was shaky. Behind the scenes, the 26-year-old singer trudged through a stormy fall season. She mourned deaths of loved ones — including her grandmother — and faced creative insecurities surrounding her highly-anticipated record. In October, Top Dawg […]

Beyoncé‘s standout ensembles weren’t the only items in Lemonade to catch our eye. In the visual for “Sandcastles,” Bey is shown wearing a pair of Pryma headphones. Although they appear somewhat modest, the headphones are actually pretty extravagant. In addition to their $549 price tag, they’re also made of premium leather, aluminum, and lots of style. […]

There's a lot of pressure to be the only one. Misty Copeland is the first Black principal dancer of any international ballet company. Ever.

"What A Time To Be Alive" sounds like a Future mixtape featuring Drake. Ne decided to rank the entire mixtape from best to worst.

First, let me start by saying that Fear The Walking Dead is a totally different show from The Walking Dead.

Ava DuVernay has touched our hearts in so many ways after directing the Academy Award-winning film Selma, so her opinion is definitely influential. The famed director recently saw a screening of Straight Outta Compton, and to say that it moved her may be an understatement after she shared her personal review of the N.W.A. biopic on her Twitter […]

In front of a crowd as racially mixed as her heritage, Rain Pryor sang, danced, and joked her way through her cabaret-style one-woman show, Fried Chicken and Latkes, at Dr. Barbara Ann Teer’s National Black Theatre in Harlem last night. Directed by Kamilah Forbes, Fried Chicken and Latkes is an autobiographical play celebrating the culture […]