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First, let me start by saying that Fear The Walking Dead is a totally different show from The Walking Dead. It’s set in a totally different time, in another state, in the same world.

So there are cell phones, working electricity, music, and bottled water. Another thing that’s different is that the zombie outbreak is just starting and the characters we’re following have no clue how to handle it. But like in the original Walking Dead, we enter the world not quite sure what’s going on.

One thing we do find out rather quickly is that there are drug dealers in the world of Fear, so that brings us to the first person you’ll meet in this new universe: Nick – a drugged-out teen waking up off a giant high and probably a wild night in a church with a woman named Gloria. Nick got so high he can’t believe the creatures he’s seeing. Nick’s mom is Madison Clark, a high school guidance counselor who’s also parent to Alicia, a teen ready to go off to college and rebel. Clearly the characters in Fear are not perfect.

Madison is married to English teacher Travis Manawa, who has a kid of his own named Chris from a previous marriage with ex-wife Liza, played by Orange Is The New Black‘s Elizabeth Rodriguez.

Before watching the Pilot episode, you should know that Fear is a marathon, not a sprint. While Walking Dead fans fell in love with last season’s faster pace, the creators of Fear The Walking Dead decided to start their first episode off very slow. They are making you fall in love with the characters, and really grasp that the outbreak is just starting out. This allows you a little more time to get used to these new look zombies.

You’ll quickly notice that the Walkers look a lot different from those we’re used to seeing. They haven’t been decaying for years, so that means their skulls are harder, they are a little stronger, and a step faster.

While you don’t get to see a bunch of walkers in the Pilot, you do get a lot of scares. I jumped at least four times from being startled, which make for great moments – but we’ll stay mum on the plot. The highlight of the episode has to be Nick (played by Frank Dillane) who gives off the awkward vibe of a young Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands, paired with the druggy goodness of James Franco at the same time.

Overall, viewers won’t be disappointed by the first episode of Fear The Walking Dead. Check out the trailer and be sure to follow us on Twitter for some live-tweeting goodness during the premiere on Sunday, August 23rd at 9 p.m. on AMC.


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