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Concrete Cowboy Key Art and Production Stills

Source: Courtesy Netflix / Netflix

If you haven’t tuned into Netflix’s new film, Concrete Cowboy, we suggest you watch as soon as possible.

Based on the novel Ghetto Boy by G. Neri, Concrete Cowboy stars Idris Elba, Lourraine Toussaint, Caleb McLaughlin, Method Man, Jharrel Jerome, and several real-life Fletcher Street riders from Philadelphia. The film tells a heartwarming and heartbreaking tale about an unruly teen, Cole, who’s sent to live with his estranged dad, Harp. While getting some firsthand experience about life as a cowboy, Cole also gets a taste of what his life could turn into if he continues down the negative path he’s on. His journey is traumatic, eye-opening, and, for Black kids all over the country, very relatable. In the end, you’re left with a sense of hope in Cole and Harp’s healing as father and son — and with a new sense of pride in the buried history of Black cowboy culture.

Concrete Cowboy Key Art and Production Stills

Source: Courtesy Netflix / Netflix

When the highly anticipated film dropped on Friday (April 2), viewers took to Twitter to drool over Idris, of course, joke, and express how much they appreciate the film.

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“God really woke up one morning and said ‘Let there be Idris Elba’ and I will forever praise God for it,’ @TheJessieWoo tweeted. “What an unexpected gem. The cast, the story, the real-life riders, and Philly as the backdrop.I grew up watching riders around the Black neighborhoods in Houston, so this reminded me of home,” @artobsessedTX wrote. We agree — we knew Concrete Cowboy was going to be a goodie, based off the cast alone, but we couldn’t have expected the true gem we were blessed with.

Check out more fan reactions below and let us know what you think after tuning in.

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