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The NFL has really been going through it as of late. Everyday, there’s a new negative headline, and more and more we see that the league isn’t just on the struggle bus, it’s driving it.

So, how’s this for a little positivity: Colin Kaepernick. Shirtless. For VMAN magazine.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback, also known as your #MCM (OK, ours too), has landed the September issue cover for your viewing pleasure. Keep reading for some excerpts from his interview—or just keep scrolling to see his shirtless pictures. We won’t judge you.

On being compared to other players:

“When [Michael] Vick and Vince young first came into the league. It wasn’t necessarily accepted. It wasn’t thought of as a successful way to run an offense or that it could be part of an NFL offense. I almost feel like they suffered from it. You possibly took the most explosive part of their game away from them and said, ‘don’t do this. You’re not supposed to. You’re in the NFL. You’re supposed to stay in the pocket. Maybe in college [you could run], but not here.’”

On his controversial $126 million contract:

“I shouldn’t get that money if I don’t go to the Super Bowl. Growing up around my dad, who was a business man, [and] being a business major in college, I understand that if I don’t perform to the level that you expect me to, I shouldn’t get the same money that you expected to pay me if I was there. I understand that completely.”

On his no-days-off work ethic:

 “I don’t like feeling like someone’s catching up to me or that I’m giving someone an opportunity to get closer or become better than where I’m at. I also feel by not taking time off that I’m gaining ground on other players. I feel like that’s where I get some of my advantage, not taking that time off, not resting a lot.”


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