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Minnesota Vikings player Adrian Peterson is already being charged with felony injury to a child after he beat his 4-year-old son so hard he left cuts on the boy’s body, but new allegations that he abused another one of his sons may mean more trouble for the running back.

Peterson, who was indicted on child abuse charges in Texas last week, was investigated in another abuse incident involving his 4-year-old son with a different woman. He reportedly left a scar over the boy’s eye after “he got a whoopin in the car,” according to text messages between Peterson and the mother of the child.

The child, who lives out-of-state, was visiting Peterson at his home in June 2013. News of the allegations come just a day after Peterson was cleared to play with the Vikings for Sunday’s game.

From KHOU:

Photos, which the KHOU I-Team obtained from a source, show a head wound to a boy identified as Peterson’s four year old son. It is a wound that weeks later, left a scar above his right eye. The source provided a string of text messages allegedly exchanged between the Peterson and the boy’s mother. They contain numerous grammatical errors:

Mother : “What happened to his head?

Peterson: “Hit his head on the Carseat.”

Mother “How does this happen, he got a whoopin in the car”

Peterson: “Yep”

Mother: “Why?’

Peterson: “I felt so bad. But he did it his self.”

The messages indicate that the boy was disciplined for cursing at another sibling. The mother later asked “what did you hit him with?” According to KHOU, Peterson never responded to the question but told the mother this:

“Be still n (and) take ya (your) whopping, he would have saved the scare (scar). “He’s aight (all right).”

The mother expresses her concern over her son being hit. Peterson responds:

“You tripping if you want him, come get him. I’m not about to be getting questioned down like you (you’re) CPS.”

The mother filed a report with Child Protective Services, but CPS declined to discuss its investigation with KHOU. No charges were filed.

Peterson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, claims the mother of the child is shopping her story around to numerous news sites. He released a statement regarding the allegations:

“The allegation of another investigation into Adrian Peterson is simply not true. This is not a new allegation, it’s one that is unsubstantiated and was shopped around to authorities in two states over a year ago and nothing came of it. An adult witness adamantly insists Adrian did nothing inappropriate with his son. There is no ongoing or new investigation.”

We’ll keep you updated with the latest in Peterson’s case.


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