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A pregnant Michigan woman succeeded in fighting off an attacker in a grocery store parking lot, getting her stolen purse back and giving birth later that day because…badass.

But the victim, who has not been named, probably didn’t think a quick trip to the grocery store would make her quite the hero.

According to the Flint Police Department, the woman was putting groceries in her car at a store in the city’s east side when 30-year-old Mark Newton grabbed her purse.

Newton tried to flee and the victim ran after him, police said. Newton, who police said was unarmed, then allegedly pushed the woman to the ground in an attempt to escape.

The Flint Journal reports two bystanders stopped Newton and retrieved the purse, and that family members of the victim held Newton until police arrived.

She delivered her baby later that day.

As for Newton, he was arrested and arraigned on one count of unarmed robbery, held on $8,000 bail, and is probably nursing his wounds from assuming pregnant women are easy targets.

SOURCE: ABC7 | PHOTO CREDIT: Police Department