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Hanging out in new city can be overwhelming when you don’t have a full-fledged plan. Leave it to us here at “Diaries of a Globetrotter” to help break down some of the best things to do on the West Coast.

It’s easy to pick out great destinations like Disneyland, Coachella, or Yosemite Park, but if you don’t want to be scuffling with shoobies all day, think outside the box and plan your trip the right way. Discovering some of California’s hidden treasures can more fun than kicking it with Mickey Mouse. Besides, you want to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out our list of fun things to do in California.

You can thank us later.

1. Go to the beach (beach!)

2. Be part of a live studio audience. 

3.  Befriend a native. 

4.  Check out a live show from an unknown band. 

5.  Visit The Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

6. Step outside of your comfort zone. You’re in a new town, so shake things up a bit. 

7. If you’re game, hit up a strip club! 

8. Head back to the good ol’ days and stack up on some CDs from Amoeba.

9.  Check out Pageant of the Masters, where art comes to life…like, literally. 

10. Check out Mammoth Park. 

11.  Go back to the beach, because, sun. 

12. Enjoy lunch at In-N-Out Burger. 

13. Take on Death Valley. Don’t forget to bring your friends! 

14. Window shop on Rodeo Drive. 

15. Visit Little Ethiopia. 

16. Check out the “Silver Lake Stairs” and other cultural steps that will give you a workout and help you explore L.A. 

17.  Go to the Morro Bay Aquarium. 

18. Visit a museum. 

19. Go to the beach one more time. 

20. Oh yeah, you should buy a plane ticket first. 


PHOTO CREDIT: Giphy, Facebook

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