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Jennifer Lopez had to do something.

The singer dropped her Pitbull-featured track “Booty” back in June. People loved it.

However, the song’s shelf life was cut short. What happened? There was just this little Nicki Minaj song called “Anaconda.”

The song, then the video, which dropped a couple of weeks later, completely overshadowed J.Lo’s ass-centric track.

So, Jenny went to work. First: she scratched Pitbull from the song. Then she added Iggy Azalea (who is just Pitbull with a nicer ass). And then she called Hype Williams — the director of many big budgeted videos from the ’90s — and they shot a video that puts “Anaconda” to shame.

What sticks out about the “Booty” video, which was released last night, is the emphasis. While “Anaconda” had many women twerking alongside Nicki, “Booty” is really just a two-girl act. There are two booties in this video: J.Lo’s and Iggy’s. And they both look fabulous.

In honor of the new booty-shaking classic, we collected the best ass shots from the “Booty (Remix).” Click though the gallery and check it out below.


The Best Ass Shots From Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea’s “Booty (Remix)” Video (PHOTOS)
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