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A teenager named Connor Scott was recently arrested after he got high on “meow meow,” a drug also known as mephedrone, and went on a robbery rampage at two separate British stores.

According to Gawker, the 19-year-old teen admitted to holding up both places with a machete, and told cops “get me off the streets” when they caught up to him.

The site reports:

Scott didn’t manage to make off with any cash in the robberies, however, as both times he got flustered and confused when cashiers didn’t immediately hand him money. The police report notes that Scott ran home later to grab an air pistol, which he waved at police before surrendering. Cops say he was “walking in a strange manner.”

The teen, who is addicted to the destructive drug, has been sentenced to four years in a “young offenders’ institution” for the crimes.


SOURCE: Gawker | PHOTO CREDIT: Grims by Telegraph 

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