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Get ready; The Equalizer hits theaters this Friday, September 26th.

In this film, Denzel Washington plays a former black ops commando named McCall, who faked his death to live a quiet life in Boston. By day, he works at a home improvement store and spends his nights reading books in a local diner. That’s where he meets a young woman of the night, with whom he builds an innocent friendship; until one day, she gets roughed up by a Russian gang.

McCall decides to defend her honor – and that’s when the movie gets good. This is Denzel’s first time hooking up with director Antoine Fuqua since the two worked together on the Oscar Award-winning Training Day. So it’s no wonder this is the actor’s darkest role in years.

We caught up with Denzel and Antoine down in sunny Miami, Florida and got the exclusive scoop on their latest flick, as well as the awesome fight scenes. And we even challenged Denzel to name as many of his movies as he can in 16 seconds. Check it out above!

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