Global Grind interviewed 'Emancipation' actress Charmaine Bingwa about working with Will Smith and the love story at the core of the film.

Will Smith and director Antoine Fuqua discuss their film 'Emancipation' which begins streaming on Apple TV + on December 9th. The film is based on the subject of the famed 'Whipped Peter' photograph, an image of a formerly enslaved man with a badly scarred back, which became a viral visual aid in the American anti-slavery movement.

Quibi has a new show that speaks directly to the issues going on right now in America. Stephan James stars as Rayshawn Morris, a New Orleans man who ends up in a desperate situation and turns to Instagram Live to help him and his family survive.

Get ready; The Equalizer hits theaters this Friday, September 26th. In this film, Denzel Washington plays a former black ops commando named McCall, who faked his death to live a quiet life in Boston. By day, he works at a home improvement store and spends his nights reading books in a local diner. That’s where he meets […]