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Guys, it’s official.

Little Miss Blue Ivy Carter isn’t that little baby hidden behind a designer blanket or a head of gorgeous hair anymore.

After catching Jay Z and Beyonce’s “On The Run” HBO special this weekend, we realized that it’s been a while since Blue looked like this:


Or this (also, can your heart even deal with this image?):

You can watch the The Carter’s tear jerking home videos here, but one thing is clear — we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Blue grow up before our own eyes and we still can’t get enough of her perfect curly ‘fro, those chubby cheeks, and this little hand that always seems to be doing this:

No, seriously. That hand is everything.

So for no reason at all except that we can’t get enough of the cuteness, here are our favorite Blue Ivy toddler moments. Cheers to the most adorable 2-year-old in the game.

Toddler Moment 10: Blue Ivy Get’s A Manicure With Mommy

Toddler Moment 9: Blue Ivy Sings Along To Drunk In Love

Toddler Moment 8: Blue Ivy Bosses It Up On A Plane

Toddler Moment 7: Blue Ivy Loves The Camera

Toddler Moment 6: Blue Ivy Makes Friends On A Yacht

Toddler Moment 5: Blue Ivy Rocks A Big Girl Ponytail

Toddler Moment 4: Blue Ivy Gets Her Picasso Baby On

Toddler Moment 3: Blue Ivy Is Flawless

Toddler Moment 2: Blue Ivy The Critic

Toddler Moment 1: Blue Ivy The Critic Part 2 (3:38 mark)

PHOTO CREDIT: Beyonce, Instagram, INF, | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube

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