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This is every cab passenger’s worst nightmare.

In Bernal Heights, San Francisco, an Uber driver has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and battery with serious bodily injury after hitting a passenger in the head with a hammer.

The driver, who’s been identified as Patrick Karajah, pled not guilty in a San Francisco Superior court room on Friday and was released on a $125,000 bail. The Chronicle reports:

Karajah allegedly picked up the victim and his two friends from a bar at about 2 a.m. Tuesday. While driving the two men and one woman to their destination, he got into a dispute with the victim over the route he was taking, according to court documents.

Karajah, who was driving for the basic UberX service, stopped near the intersection of Ellsworth Street and Alemany Boulevard and forced the victim and his friends to get out, according to documents.

Once the alleged victim was out of the vehicle, Karajah struck him on the side of his head with a hammer, and then drove away, authorities said.

The victim endured serious skull fractures and injury to the head. Uber released a statement saying that Karajah’s account has been suspended.

During a press conference yesterday, District Attorney George Gascon has stated that the driver is also facing attempted murder charges. This isn’t the first time Uber has received negative feedback. Another Uber driver by the name of Daveea Whitmire was previously charged with a misdemeanor after hitting a passenger.

SOURCE: Gawker, News Inc.  

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