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French Montana may be on a temporary break from Khloe Kardashian, but he’s finally permanently done with ex-wife Dean Kharbouch.

According to, French and his now ex-wife Dean Kharbouch settled their divorce on September 29th and reportedly, it was an amicable split. The two, who share son Julius pictured above, have been separated for a while and dating other people, but due to French’s busy schedule, it was difficult to go through legal proceedings.

The pair settled out of court for a cool $2 million, and according to a source:

“He was in court on Monday and basically they wrapped up his divorce peacefully. They had been together for a long time and they were with each other when neither had money, they had so much in common. They settled peacefully in court in New Jersey … it’s all wrapped up.”

Meanwhile, during a radio interview with K. Foxx on 103.5 The Beat, French’s alleged ex-boo Trina revealed they were never an item, and that she was the one who introduced the Bad Boy to the Kardashians.

Trina said that back in 2010, she introduced French to Kim and Kris Jenner while at a Kanye West show.

Check out the interview above.


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