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We were hoping it would all somehow fix itself, but it seems Nick Cannon‘s marriage to Mariah Carey is really on its way to being over.

We’d just gotten over the shocking news that the two superstars were separated, when Nick hopped on Twitter and set the record straight – ultimately sending the message that he never gave any media outlet a statement about his marriage, but he and Mariah are, in fact, going through a rough patch.

In the most recent turn of events, Nick’s huge “Mariah” tattoo – you know, the one that spanned the entire width of his back – appears to have been covered. The video above shows Nick DJ’ing at his Playhouse birthday celebration on Thursday night, and as the shirtless actor turns his body, you can see there’s new ink over what used to be an homage to his estranged wife.

TMZ provides a still and side-by-side that you can view here. And as far as what Nick got tatted over Mariah’s name, the site reports:

“It’s hard to make out the details from the photo, but our Nick sources say the tattoo shows Jesus on the cross with angel wings coming off the end the cross.”

We’re still gunning for these two and their adorable twins…It ain’t over ’til it’s over.