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Apple has announced that they have another special event coming up on October 16th, where they are set to debut the new iPads. The new devices include the iPad Air 2, and the iPad Mini 3, and they will be shown just four days before the company’s fourth quarter and annual earnings report. The fingerprint touch will also be announced as part of the iPad technology. [IBI Times]

If you thought you only had to worry about the Ebola virus, think again. A preschooler student in New Jersey died from symptoms of the Enterovirus D68, and it’s already been confirmed in over 500 kids across the country. The CDC confirmed that four children who were infected with the respiratory illness have died, but it’s unknown if they passed away for that reason solely. [Daily Mail]

A fire erupted at the memorial of Flight 93, which destroyed three buildings on Friday afternoon. The area has not been declared safe for officials to check on the collection storage areas yet. They also don’t know if the flag that flew over the United States Capitol on September 11th is in decent condition. [CBS News]

ISIS has released another video, allegedly showing the beheading of another British hostage, this week. Alan Henning, a British aid worker, was kidnapped back in December after he crossed into Syria with an aid convoy. The video also shows hostage and U.S. citizen, Peter Kassig, being held by the Islamic group. [Huffington Post]


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