In an interview with retired cyclist Lance Armstrong, the viral star explains why she gave up her career after being the Internet’s most-searched adult actress.

Ariana Grande is still shaken up after a suicide bomber targeted her concert at the Manchester Arena on Monday, leaving 22 people killed and several injured. Although her heart is broken by the terror attack, the singer managed to muster up some strength and reportedly offered to cover the funeral costs of the victims. An account dedicated […]

While Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has made a big deal out of blocking Syrian refugees from entering the United States out of fear of terrorism, the truth is that right-wing extremists are a much greater threat than terrorists linked to ISIS or similar organizations.

A 20-year-old former cheerleader student at Mississippi State University pleaded guilty Tuesday to one charge of federal terrorism after she and her fiance were arrested last year en route to Istanbul, Turkey in a plot to join ISIS, according to CBS News.

Two female suicide bombers killed 22 worshipers at a Northeast Nigerian mosque. They injured 18 others during morning prayers.

It was the first time the radical group has targeted the world's most populous Muslim nation.

Seventeen people died during the evening rush on Monday in eastern Baghdad when Islamic State militants attacked a shopping mall.

ISIS killed 30-year-old Syrian activist and journalist Ruqia Hassan in September. To make it even more painful, the group hacked her Facebook account to trick her friends and colleagues into thinking she was still alive.

After the attack earlier this month in San Bernardino, California, more Americans are worried that terrorists are winning the war against the U.S. than they have been at any point since September 11, according to CNN.

At least 11 died after severe tornadoes and storms tore through northern Texas.

Only 22 percent of Americans surveyed expressed confidence in the nation's ability to prevent “lone wolf attacks in which individuals decide to act on their own."

A new study shows that house-sharing service Airbnb isn’t always accommodating for African-Americans. Research conducted by the Harvard Business School revealed that Airbnb hosts discriminate against people of color and those with ethnic names.