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In its first attack targeting “the world’s most populous Muslim nation,” members of ISIS on Thursday claimed credit for deadly blasts from suicide bombers and gunmen, which took place at the center of Jakarta, Indonesia, according to the BBC.

In violence that played out on the streets and on television screens, at least six explosions took place in addition to a gunfight in a movie theater, notes the report.

Per BBC:

Just seven people were killed despite multiple blasts and a gunfight, and five of them were the attackers themselves, but the brazenness of their siege suggested a new brand of militancy in a country where low-level strikes on police are common.

It took security forces about three hours to end the attack near a Starbucks cafe and Sarinah’s, Jakarta’s oldest department store, after a team of militants traded gunfire with police and blew themselves up.

An Indonesian and a Canadian were killed in the attack. Twenty people, including an Algerian, Austrian, German and Dutchman, were wounded.

Investigators suspect the involvement of local militants, notes the report.


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