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A man who was jailed and tased twice during a suspected carjacking is dead just eight hours after his arrest.

Lashano Gilbert, a medical school graduate from the Bahamas, was arrested in New London, Conn. on carjacking charges on Friday evening.

Police say Gilbert was in town visiting family when he tried to carjack a woman. When police arrived on the scene, the 31-year-old told them he was hearing voices and resisted arrest until police used a stun gun. He was later hit with the stun gun again during his time in a jail holding cell after acting erratically. Gilbert became unresponsive following the second tasing, and was taken to a local hospital where he died around 3:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Gilbert was initially taken into custody just after 7 p.m. Friday on carjacking charges, after police say he jumped through the open window of a woman’s car as she was driving.

Police said that he made stabbing motions toward the driver, appeared to be in an “altered state of mind” and was “speaking in a bizarre manner.” The woman called 911 and “floored” the car to “get him off of her,” police said.

Police say that while in his holding cell, Gilbert removed his pants and began twisting them, as if to make a rope. Police say they opened the door to take the pants away, fearing he might hurt himself.

Gilbert then rushed the door and escaped into the common booking area, where he threw objects, including an intoximeter, at officers, and a struggle ensued, according to police. An officer ended that struggle by using a Taser on him.

After his death, the New London state’s attorney and New London police chief ordered State Police Eastern District Major Crime Squad to run an investigation into the arrest.

Medical examiners are looking into the cause of death, while the officers who stunned Gilbert were transported to the hospital for injuries and later released.

SOURCE: NBC Connecticut | PHOTO CREDIT: Handout