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Ebola is not funny. It’s not a laughing matter. More than 3,000 people have perished from the deadly and contagious virus in West African nations hit hard by the largest outbreak in history. And there is no cure.

So we think it goes without saying that Ebola isn’t a joke. Like seriously:

And we wish someone would have told a man on a US Airways Flight from Philadelphia to Dominican Republic who decided to joke with seat mates that he had the virus after sneezing. Because then this whole hazmat team on a plane freaking everybody out thing wouldn’t even be a thing.

From USA Today:

As for the incident, it all began after the man sneezed and then – according to Dominican press reports – allegedly said: “I have Ebola. You’re all screwed.”

Another passenger notified a flight attendant, who alerted the captain. The carrier then followed protocol for such a situation, which – in this case – forced the plane to be halted on the tarmac so that a four-person hazmat crew could inspect the plane.

Hey guy, you’re an idiot. And we don’t feel bad for calling you that because the flight attendant, in all her professionalism, agrees.

“It’s going to look worse than it is,” a flight attendant can be heard telling passengers via the aircraft’s PA system. “I’ve done this for 36 years. I think the man that has said this is an idiot, and I’ll say that straight out. If you hear me that’s fine.”

Passengers on the plane used cell phones to capture the entire ordeal. Including his removal from the plane, where he defiantly announces:


Must you be so embarrassing? Check out the video above.


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