Deyjah Harris is most definitely T.I.’s kid. The 17-year-old went viral over the weekend after comedian Funny Marco included her in a hilarious skit where he randomly told people they were “rude for what they did.” Approaching Deyjah’s little brother, King, Marco told the 14-year-old “what you did was disrespectful.” Confused, King stepped away, at […]

How are you going to explain to the family that you almost killed grandma for Instagram likes?

DJ Suede has the TL thinking he got the job opportunity of a lifetime.

Pranks are all fun and games, unless someone actually thinks it’s real.  In a worst case scenario, pranking your spouse could cause the relationship to end. Fortunately, this famous Youtube couple didn’t split after the wife’s disgusting, but hilarious prank — but her husband was livid: Are you breaking up? Or nah. Check out […]

The idea that all Black people look alike is fake news that needs to cease as soon as possible. But that same stereotype worked in one woman’s favor as she pretended to be Quavo from Migos and wound up getting an entire plane to herself — courtesy of Southwest Airlines — and some private lessons […]

Some pranks are so juvenile that you can’t help but to die of laughter. You’ll probably have to catch your breath from laughing so hard at this video of a guy spraying loads of fart spray in his car, just before his co-worker hopped in to eat.   What would you do if […]

Sometime most of us are so focused on our phones that we don’t pay attention to what’s going on around us — then things like this hilarious prank video below happen.   What would you do? Hit the flip for another silly prank from Youtuber @HowAboutBeirut.

Everyone pretty much unanimously agrees that cigarettes are yucky — even the folks who smoke them. If you’re a smoker, watching this kid’s “No Smoking” prank will either inspire you or piss you off. You were warned.  

  Pranks are funny as hell until they happen to you. Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s popcorn prank on his rookie teammate was definitely next level.   What would you do? Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter to share your thoughts.

Watch as these innocent McDonald’s customers get trolled to death by a fake blind prankster.   Hilarious! Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook to let us know what you would do if the prankster trolled you.

One prankster took Black guys “from the hood” (wearing all Black) out to the suburbs on a dark, crisp December night — and you may be shocked at what happened when they started knocking on White folks doors.