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The controversy surrounding Stephen Collins and his alleged pedophilia are only getting worse.

Gawker has obtained an email concerning the 7th Heaven star’s molestation case, in which the wife reveals the identity of one of Collins’ victims.

The site reveals that the couples former 12-year-old babysitter was a victim to the actor’s pedophilia and in an email to the sitter, his wife, Faye Grant, writes:

Stephen is not remorseful, shows no guilt, and his shame is demonstrated as extreme self pity. He wails and cries “i’m in so much paaaaaaain!!!” I do not think he has allowed himself, or perhaps he is not capable of experiencing the pain he has cause children.

She also goes on to say that he “lives everyday with agonizing guilt” as well as:

I have learned much about sociopaths the past 6 months. Stephen’s every action comes from two motivations: One: to follow his prey. Two: To cover his tracks. Nothing else exists for him. Very sad.

Meanwhile, the talent agency that had Stephen Collins as a client has just dropped him in light of the scandal, according to E! News.

The site reports that Agency of the Performing Arts has “cut ties with Mr. Collins” after 5 years of working with him. He has also been cut from the upcoming sequel to the Ted movie, as well as the current season of Scandal.

We hope that Stephen can get the help he so obviously needs.

SOURCE: E! News, Gawker | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty