Anthony Mackie has definitely been raising eyebrows across America this past week, and now, he’s done it again via an interview on The Wendy Williams Show. The Captain America star recently made an appearance on the show and Wendy brought up the topic of gender roles, saying “I do believe that if he wants a sandwich…” Anthony jumps in and finishes […]

Rosie O’ Donnell is In light of all the drama surrounding Stephen Collins and alleged molestation occurrences, Rosie has spoken up against Stephen in a new blog post. The former 7th Heaven star recently had an interview with Katie Couric, during which he admitted to having sexual contact with multiple young women. Now, Rosie is speaking out […]

Ever since audio was leaked to the web, in which actor Stephen Collins speaks on molesting underage girls, we haven’t heard much from him. Now, however, he has decided to answer everyone’s questions, as he recently sat down for an interview with Katie Couric, and admitted to inappropriate behavior with three underage girls. Despite the […]

Stephen Collins has come forward to confess to reports of sexual assaulting three underage girls. The 7th Heaven actor wrote an essay for People Magazine, admitting the issue was made public because he was recorded without consent during a therapy session with his doctor. The 67-year-old says the incidents happened over 20, 32, and 40 years ago, and […]

It looks like Halle Berry  is one up on Gabriel Aubry. The actress is accusing their 6-year-old daughter’s father of messing with her hair to make her appear more white – and now, Halle may have proof. According to TMZ, Halle submitted Nahla’s hair brush to Microtrace, where they did a test on it to determine if […]

Stephen Collins’ new film couldn’t come at a worse time. The former 7th Heaven actor, who is currently facing child molestation claims, took on the role of a priest who preys on children in the short film Penance.   According to USA Today, the film was released in 2013, but is currently making the rounds […]

Just when we thought urban legends were a thing of the past, here comes this clown to scare us all. Residents of Wasco, California have been calling the police since the beginning of October after spotting a mysterious circus clown roaming around the area. The clown is only seen at night and is seen carrying […]

Authorities believe they know who shot Suge Knight six times on the Sunset strip, but because they do not have enough evidence to pin it on the suspect, closing the case is going to be difficult. According to  TMZ: “Law enforcement sources tell us they’ve reviewed security cameras and spoken to multiple witnesses of the […]

The controversy surrounding Stephen Collins and his alleged pedophilia are only getting worse. Gawker has obtained an email concerning the 7th Heaven star’s molestation case, in which the wife reveals the identity of one of Collins’ victims. The site reveals that the couples former 12-year-old babysitter was a victim to the actor’s pedophilia and in an email to the […]

UPDATE: 10/08/14, 3:45 P.M.  ABC has announced Stephen Collins’ scenes from the fourth season of Scandal will be left on the cutting room floor after the actor’s alleged child molestion confessions came to light this week. We can confirm that we will not be airing any footage with Stephen Collins,” a rep for ABC told […]