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In light of all the drama surrounding Stephen Collins and alleged molestation occurrences, Rosie has spoken up against Stephen in a new blog post. The former 7th Heaven star recently had an interview with Katie Couric, during which he admitted to having sexual contact with multiple young women.

Now, Rosie is speaking out against the actor. Gossip Cop reports:

The “View” co-host reflected on her fond memories of Collins from her old 1990s talk show before getting into his shocking scandal. O’Donnell criticizes Couric for letting Collins off the hook, and delves into how the abuses she endured as a child still affect her to this day.

Here is what Rosie had to say about it all:

i met him first in 97 on my show – he was promoting 7th heaven a show i watched because catherine hicks from ryan’s hope the best soap opera ever on television also starred in it

stephen was on my show many times we spoke often about TM he introduced me to it in fact back in 97… i practice TM daily 20 mins in the am… 20 in the pm… a mantra – i pray

stephen is an artist… pottery – ceramics… we had a show together… my paintings – his pottery at THE ROCKLAND COUNTY CENTER FOR THE ARTS… the event was a success… stephen sent me a potters wheel the week after – so sweet

i learned how to throw pots… like him… i liked him a lot… stephen collins priestly – handsome – artistic – kind… stephen collins married 29 years… and now here we all r

they showed me the clip in the morning… 20 seconds… thats all i could watch of his his apology tour… katie couric was r guest… i was sure she was gonna do 2 him what she did 2 sarah palin… hit him with his truth right between the eyes expose him for who he was… “what newspapers do u read sarah?” she saved us all then… this time she didn’t

in 1973 – he was 25 years old… i was ten… same age as his first victim… he took the hand of 10 year old girl and used it to jerk himself off… as a child who was used in similar ways by a man i trusted every cell in me remembered “we both just sat there – we didn’t move a muscle”

uummmmm – after u came on the kids hand – u mean? stephen… right? u are not equals… she was an innocent child… a baby girl… u have a daughter for gods sake… were u able to resist the urge to touch her? how noble… congrats

in case u wonder what ur man sized penis – ur abuse of power ur lack of impulse control did to that kid… i will tell u a bit about me… sex is not fun… not now… not ever… it is married to a lingering terror… joy evaporated

my body became my enemy… i would not love it… take care of it… treat it well… it had betrayed me… caused such pain and humiliation… i did not want 2 feel 2 know… like many survivors of childhood sexual abuse i became obese… i have struggled with severe depression… i have anxiety disorders.. shame confines me

i bet stephen there is a 52 year old woman – like me sitting in her house still frightened… her perspective skewed by u… ur casual lack of accountability for her and for me has wounded us once again… u – stephen collins… u u r an archetype… as is bill cosby… pedophile / rapist… how dare i… how dare i not?

a hidden narrative none wishes 2 be part of… yet we all participate in… unspoken rape incest race… there is good news… we can heal r selves

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SOURCE: Gossip Cop | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty