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Just when we thought urban legends were a thing of the past, here comes this clown to scare us all. Residents of Wasco, California have been calling the police since the beginning of October after spotting a mysterious circus clown roaming around the area. The clown is only seen at night and is seen carrying a variety of things including fun props, mallets, and of course, an axe. The clown has maintained an active social media presence, using gun and knife emojis while saying where he’s located. We pray for the town of Wasco. [Gawker]

Stephen Collins’ wife has accused him for using his fame to gain the trust of a victim’s parents so he could molest their child… recently. Collins, who is best known for playing Reverend Eric Camden in 7th  Heaven, has been in headlines for molesting/exposing himself to 3 children. A source close to Collins has said “The notion that Stephen used his role on “7th Heaven” for any improper purpose is completely false and just another example of Faye fabricating a story to gain an advantage in the divorce proceedings.” [TMZ]

A toddler in Michigan has passed away due to the enterovirus D68, an illness that has struck hundreds across the nation in the past 2 months. 21-month-old Madeline Reid passed away on Friday at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, where she was transferred for “advanced services.” The toddler’s death stirred an outpouring of condolences online. We pray for her family. [CNN]

South African sprint runner Oscar Pistorius is set to find out his fate, as the jury decides whether he gets prison time or parole. In light of deliberation, a new book, written by journalist Barry Bateman, highlights that the prosecution ignored crucial evidence of Reeva Steenkamp’s final moments. Bateman argues, “With the help of private forensic investigators, we’ve established Reeva Steenkamp probably flushed the toilet moments before her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius, shot her. But neither the state nor the defence presented this flushing – an event in the timeline – as evidence. Why?” [Daily Mail]


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