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Ferguson October has been eye-opening, as its “Weekend of Resistance” – where protesters have come together to march against police brutality in the black community – brought out thousands in the past couple of days.

Ferguson police arrested a total of 17 people during this weekend of planned protesting. During the incident, hundreds gathered around at a wrecked QuikTrip gas station on Sunday morning and refused to vacate the premises. Not surprisingly, officials then proceeded to use pepper spray to clear the peaceful protest. One of the protest organizers, Tony Russell, said:

This isn’t going to stop until there is change with police and black youth.

On Sunday night, there were thousands in attendance yet again. CNN reports:

“Sunday night, about 2,000 people attended an interfaith rally, where activist and Princeton University professor Cornel West was the featured speaker. Before he took the stage at the St. Louis University’s Chaifetz Arena, some protesters demanded for a chance to speak.’If you can see a dead black boy lie in the streets for four hours and that doesn’t make you angry you lack humanity,’ a woman, who didn’t give her name, told the crowd.”

KDSK reports that there are mixed feelings about the ongoing protests. One local resident, and owner of Red’s BBQ in Ferguson, Missouri, has noted improvement since the Michael Brown protests have begun. He quotes:

I’ve seen this progress from day one. I think it’s a much more organized effort now. Now the efforts are being collaborative, people are coming together and fighting for the same cause. And doing it in a fashion that shows a much higher sense of civic responsibility so to speak.

Other residents feel the protests could spark more violence in the streets. We pray for peace and justice in the Ferguson community.


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